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The Fifth Age of Work
Work reimagined. Andrew M. Jones, professor, management consultant, and 2014 Management Innovation eXchange M-Prize winner, has written a guide for business leaders on how to tap into work trends popularized in the coworking movement and the freelance economy to redesign the workplace— building more innovative businesses for the future. Featured in BizEd Magazine,, Texas CEO Magazine, and Yahoo! Small Business.
Small Business, Big Change
Your business as an agent of change. This book by Susan Chambers offers practical approaches to implementing and tracking socially responsible initiatives. Take small steps that have a big impact and master social responsibility (S-R) strategies designed for your business. Featured in Stanford Social Innovation Review, Yahoo! Small Business, The Globe and Mail, LOCO BC, Small Business Digest, Civic Economics, and SocialEarth.
The Editor's Eye
A practical guide to the book-editing process. Book coach and editor Stacy Ennis takes authors through the often bewildering book-editing process. Authors will understand how writing and editing complement each other, become more confident as writers, finish their books faster, and move toward publication. Featured in Publishing Perspectives, The Bookcast, Writer UnBoxed, She Writes, Novel Rocket, and A Writer's Bucket List.
Home Field Advantage
Tailoring home education. Written for families who want to learn the best of educational theories out there— and bring them home— this book by educator Skyla King-Christison tackles the Montessori method, Waldorf education, Trivium, Charlotte Mason education, unschooling, and more. It explores how families can adapt ideas from each for the home. Featured in Home Education Magazine and Simple Homeschool and other popular parenting blogs.
Working in the UnOffice: A Guide to Coworking
A revolution in how we work. In this first all-around guide to coworking, get insider advice, build entrepreneurial muscle, and find proof of impact: Over 50 space founders, startups, freelancers, consultants, and nonprofits share their stories working in collaborative workspaces. Our bestseller, featured in The Next Web, GigaOM, Fast Company, The Financial Times, Venture Beat, Business Insider, Shareable, and Deskmag.
Blackout (Turn of Phrase ESL)
Blackout is a high-stakes drama about family, love, and survival. Part of the Turn of Phrase ESL educational series for English language learners, this novel helps readers master idioms, phrases, phrasal verbs, and collocations. A unique addition to any ESL/TESOL curricula. COMING 2015
Cleaning House (Turn of Phrase ESL)
Cleaning House is an offbeat mystery-thriller. Part of the Turn of Phrase ESL educational series for English language learners, this novel helps readers master idioms, phrases, phrasal verbs, and collocations. A unique addition to any ESL/TESOL curricula. COMING 2015
Eduventurist Book Project
Education for the 21st century. Education is being disrupted, with college loan debts, disillusionment with the job market, and a drive to do something more meaningful changing young people's priorities. Visionaries and changemakers want to chart their own educational paths. Weezie Yancey-Siegel, an eduventurist, walks you through her educational experiments and shows you how to chart your own educational paths. IN DEVELOPMENT
Reinvent Everything
Reinvent yourself, your life, the world...everything. We spend too much time and money on creating apps rather than making new platforms. Reinvent Everything by consultant Steve Spalding calls for a radical reset of how we think about entrepreneurship. It seeks to empower entrepreneurs, innovators, and creative professionals to build a solid foundation and ask better questions to create world-changing organizations. IN DEVELOPMENT
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