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Our mission is to help you showcase your ideas, content, message, or cause to the world by providing quality publishing and editorial support. Develop the "story" behind your ideas. Enhance and clarify your thinking. Communicate with gravity and depth. Distill complex topics for a broad or specialized audience. Create compelling work that resonates with readers. Smart, creative content starts with writing that not only informs but dazzles.

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Editorial Services

Smart, creative content— that's what we're about.

We offer a wide range of editing, writing, and research services for your project. Whatever your needs— taking an idea and developing it from scratch or polishing 'almost there' prose— our team of prose masters has the writing chops and research muscle to help.

Developmental Editing: Develop a project from scratch. We help you nail down the basic concept of your piece ("What is this work about?" and "How will this work enhance that topic?") and walk you through creating a detailed outline if necessary. A developmental edit is particularly critical for writers at the early stages of the writing process.

Content or Substantive Editing: Fix structural problems and strengthen your writing from the inside-out. We advise on how to improve structural coherence (clear beginning, middle, and end), pacing, thesis/argument, conceptual and thematic issues, prose style, transitions between paragraphs and chapters, flow and sequence of ideas, and voice.

Copyediting: Streamline and polish your prose. We fix your spelling, grammar, syntax, punctuation, and sentence structure. We also make sure your work is formatted correctly and consistently.

Content Development and Ghostwriting Services: We'll help you develop full-length manuscripts, books, reports, feature articles, blogs, presentations, press releases, and more from start to finish based on your outlines and specs.

Research: We bring an extensive experiential and academic background in economics, education, other social sciences, and business and finance. Services include survey design, sampling design, and statistical analysis (STATA and Excel).

Our editorial standards follow major industry styles, including The Chicago Manual of Style, AP Stylebook, or MLA Style, depending on your needs.

Topics and Products

Benefit from our wide range of wordslinging skills and styles.

Below are the areas we work on and the products we produce for each. If you don't see what you're looking for, please contact us and we'll be happy to discuss what you need and how we can help.

Check our Samples to see a list of previous projects and our track record for providing stellar editorial content for our clients.


We champion your critical perspectives on business and economics...

We have worked in the finance industry and economic development field, and can draw from our professional experience to capture and distill the global and local business and financial issues important to you. We also offer analytics combined with journalistic flair. We can extract the news from the facts and numbers, and turn dry statistics into compelling content.

Products: Books, Company & Executive Profiles, Feature Articles, Reports, Pitch Books, Presentations, Scholarly Articles, Speeches, Web Content


We help you promote social and development impact initiatives and change the world ...

We have worked with NGOs and community organizations, as well as supported high-level initiatives for international development organizations and multilateral development banks. Versed on the latest in nonprofits, international development, as well as social entrepreneurship and public policy topics, we offer cutting-edge writing and research assistance in these areas.

Products: Books, Editorials, Feature Articles, Grant Applications, Organization Profiles, Policy Briefs, Press Releases, Reports, Scholarly Articles, Speeches, Web Content


We build your social media footprint...

We can help you navigate social media outlets, write intelligent blog posts in many different styles, help you develop gripping online profiles on Facebook and LinkedIn for your company, organization or product, and produce creative, high-impact web content.

Products: Blogs, Books, Feature Articles, Press Releases, Social Networking Profiles, Web Content


We tell your travel stories and promote destinations...

As global trekkers ourselves, we have lived, worked and traveled throughout the Asia-Pacific, Latin America, Africa and Europe. Logging in thousands of miles on the road, across continents and oceans, we have the right level of wanderlust and whimsy to write a range of travel content.

...and whet appetites and get people to the table...

From the food stalls of steamy Bangkok to the hip, dining spots of cosmopolitan New York City, we are bonafide foodies. Zealous about good eats and libations, we offer writing services to help you chronicle your gastronomical experiences with cooking, food-tripping, restaurant reviews, and write other food-related content.

Products: Blogs, Books, Feature Articles, Web Content


We help you manage and analyze your data...

We believe information and data can tell a great story-- if you could only navigate through the jungle of cases and columns, and extract the right indicators. Versed in Excel and STATA, we conduct survey data processing and economic analysis for research reports, presentations, and papers, and scholarly journal articles. We also produce vivid graphs and charts to illustrate your critical indicators and key data.

Products: Charts and Graphs, Data Analysis, Presentations, Reports, Survey Analysis, Survey Design

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Download and complete the Editorial Project Brief to initiate discussions. We'll use the information you provide to create a tailored project proposal, which includes our proposed services and deliverables, development schedule, costs, and mode of payment. When we have reached an agreement, we draw up a contract, sign off, and our work begins.

For information on rates and payment terms, please check our FAQ - Editorial Services.