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Forthcoming Book on Tapping Innovation in a Cloud-Based Economy

Posted: October 7th, 2013 | Author: Genevieve DeGuzman | Filed under: Coworking, Entrepreneurship & Business, Press, in-house publication | Tags: , , , , , , , | Comments Off

Companies and workers have arrived at a new epoch, a point in history where culture and technology have collided to redefine the “what,” “when,” “where,” “how,” and even “why” of work. The “Fifth Age of Work” is an emerging world of work defined by the rise of cloud-based technology, the growing ranks of freelancers and telecommuters doing their best work off-campus, and the decentralization and de-localization of work.

In the forthcoming book The Fifth Age of Work: How Companies Can Redesign Work to Become More Innovative in a Cloud Economy (Night Owls Press), professor and management consultant Andrew M. Jones shows large companies and corporations how to tap into long-leash management techniques like corporate coworking, Activity Based Working, corporate-independent mash-ups, and others to redesign their workforce, work policies, and workplace— and build innovative businesses for the future.

The Fifth Age of Work explores:

  • Trends on the emerging “human cloud” driven by a thriving artisan/freelance economy, the coworking movement, and the rapid rise in flex work programs and telecommuting— and its implications for businesses.
  • Solutions for companies in the areas of talent management, workspace design, and workplace license— the prisms through which organizations can re-think old business paradigms and draw on the growing human cloud.
  • Projects and experiments drawn from design thinking, Activity Based Work, corporate coworking, ROWE, and more that companies can adopt to increase openness, communication, trust, and collaboration in their operations and ignite innovation.

Get a sneak peek inside The Fifth Age below:

FREE EXCERPT: The Fifth Age of Work: How Companies Can Redesign Work to Become More Innovative in a Cloud E… by Night Owls Press

Available November 2013 in trade paperback and e-book.

Read more about the efforts to make coworking a part of the change management strategy of every business.

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