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Publishing: What We Offer

Note: Our submissions is currently closed. We won't be accepting book proposals to our Night Owls Press imprint at this time.

Stay indie but get end-to-end publishing support.

Even in the age of self-publishing, with many breakthrough, independent writers successfully selling their books on their own, publishing is still hard work. It's euphoric and exciting, but it's also largely grunt work. It's tempting to do it all on your own. We often forget the groundwork that needs to be done to be a successful author. Our partner-publishing model is designed for authors looking for the independence of self-publishing, with the administrative, editorial, marketing, and distribution support offered by traditional publishers. Publishing has many stages. The editing, formatting, layout, cover design, digital conversion, distribution, and marketing and promotion can often be a chaotic process— consuming much of your time and energy. We think your time is better spent stoking the creative fires and developing those big ideas that compelled you to write in the first place. Professional support— that's what you get with Night Owls Press. Whether you have a manuscript sitting in limbo on your computer's hard drive, a half-finished draft needing an editor's expert kneading and prodding, or maybe just a brilliant idea rattling around in your head— we can help you publish your book every step of the way.

Turning big ideas into great books...

We invest our resources in projects that show intellectual rigor and unconventional views, working with people who have ideas they're passionate about and the expertise to support them. Meet some of the authors we’ve partnered with. Our books have been featured or mentioned in Stanford Social Innovation Review, Publishing Perspectives, The Bookcast, Small Business Labs, BizEd Magazine,, Texas CEO Magazine, Yahoo! Small Business, Small Business Digest, Venture Beat, GigaOM, The Next Web, Fast Company, Business Insider, CNN Money, The Globe and Mail, The Financial Times, Shareable, Deskmag, SocialEarth, FreelanceSwitch, and North Bay Bohemian, among others. Check the "Press" area for each book listing to find out about specific media mentions for individual titles.

Nonfiction genres/topics we accept...

We're looking for strong book proposals on topics that challenge and re-imagine prevailing conventions about business, work, and life, focusing on:
  • Work and business innovation
  • Social entrepreneurship
  • D-I-Y culture and the collaborative economy
  • Lifestyle trends (parenting, travel, health)
  • Green and environmental initiatives
  • Education
  • ...and more (surprise us!)
Get Your Book Published
Contact Us.
Before we work together, let's see if we're a good match. In general, we like to work on nonfiction books about business and work innovation, social entrepreneurship, D-I-Y culture and the collaborative economy, lifestyle and work trends, green initiatives, and education.
Develop a Solid Writing/Editing Plan.
Getting started can be the hardest part. We'll help you break through the writer's block by providing assistance developing your ideas or determining an editing strategy for your partial or completed draft.
Get Started...and Published!
We're here to coach you every step of the way. You write. We focus on the details like editing, formatting, conversion to digital and print formats, distribution, marketing, and managed payments and accounting. That's our "skin in the game" and how much we value the collaborative process.
Global Distribution, Managed Payments
Multichannel distribution with Night Owls Press, Amazon, iTunes, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, and other vendors. Managed payments, accounting, and tracking for book sales.
All Rights Reserved, No Fine Print
Keep all rights to your book. Copyright stays in your name. Simple, straightforward, and readable contracts make it easy and convenient.
Generous Royalties, No Upfront Costs
You get competitive royalties on net sales revenue and are charged no upfront fees. We have our "skin in the game" and invest in the book with you beyond the release date.
All-Around Publishing Support
Personalized editing, research, design, marketing, and managed payments and accounting support for you and your book.
The advance is paid to the author in two installments: half upon contract signing and the other half upon completion and delivery of the book to Night Owls Press.
Royalties are outlined in individual contracts with authors. Net sales revenue is defined as the sales revenue less the distributor cuts (Amazon or B&N) and sales costs (specifically, merchant processing fees [e.g. PayPal] and print-on-demand costs).