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Our mission is to help you showcase your ideas, content, message, or cause to the world by providing quality publishing and editorial support. Develop the "story" behind your ideas. Enhance and clarify your thinking. Communicate with gravity and depth. Distill complex topics for a broad or specialized audience. Create compelling work that resonates with readers. Smart, creative content starts with writing that not only informs but dazzles.

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Book publishing
Data analysis
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Editorial Work

A track-record of well-crafted work and delighted clients.

We've edited and written numerous books, feature articles, and reports, as well as produced press releases, policy briefs, and web content for individual clients, businesses, and organizations around the world.

We're also more than happy to arrange a tailored portfolio presentation or a "show-and-tell" to help you evaluate if we're the right editorial shop for your needs. Samples and proof-of-concept pieces are available upon request. Contact us to learn more about what we can do for you.

Our writing has been featured at:

Completed client projects include:

  • White paper on social media marketing strategies
  • Blogs on social media and technology topics
  • Self-improvement/motivational book on career-family balance and leadership
  • Research presentation on U.S. e-commerce and t-commerce trends for Japanese industry
  • Report on CRM-based healthcare management strategy
  • Book on emotional intelligence and positive psychology
  • Book on social media strategies for political campaigns
  • Book on social media and protecting your digital footprint
  • Book on running and marathon training strategies
  • Feature articles on tech and finance companies and venture capital investing
  • Reports on U.S. nonprofit leadership and development
  • Policy briefs on social entrepreneurship
  • White papers and reports on U.S. education reform
  • Web content for travel guides
  • Web content and marketing copy for a corporate training business

Other publications and research projects include:

Genevieve provided technical and editorial support for a wide range of development research programs, co-authoring publications, providing editing and writing support, and analyzing data for books, reports, and briefs.